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“Salaryman’s Club,” a new anime series, follows the lives of a group of men who have dedicated their entire lives to the sport of badminton. But these guys aren’t just athletes; they’re also employees of a large corporation, which means they have to put in a full day’s work. Since everyone on the team now understands this, they’ll be better prepared for the workplace as well.

Genre — Sports.
Season 1 premiered on January 30, 2022.
Original anime name: “Ryman’s Club”.

“Salaryman’s Club ss 2”: release date, announcement

The first season of “Salaryman’s Club” was a success. Sporting events, character studies, and even the soundtrack are all meticulously crafted to entice even the most discerning viewer to sit back and enjoy. Though the second season of the anime hasn’t been announced as of yet, Critics, on the other hand, are confident that the show will return. Even if new episodes are produced, it is unlikely that they will air before the fall of 2023. Official announcements are pending.

Salaryman’s Club season 2
Salaryman’s Club season 2


Since elementary school, Mikoto Shiratori has been devoted to the game of badminton. He’s used to playing alone and doesn’t recognize the importance of teamwork. Mikoto loses his job at Mitsuhoshi Banking when he loses a responsible match. He’s not one to complain or make excuses, but an old injury has resurfaced. Following his packing, Mikoto heads back to his parent’s house, but he gets a call while driving.

In a phone call, Mikoto’s Sunlight Beverage coach offers her a job. There are no further details. Later, Mikoto learns that this company makes a variety of beverages (including soda and beer), and he begins working in sales. Work! Badminton club members are expected to work as normal employees, plan their own schedules, and report on their work in the evening.

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