C Murders Release Date Status From Jail | Who Is C Murders?

Jail Release Date for C Murder: C-Murder, a New Orleans rap musician who Kim Kardashian West alleges was falsely convicted of murder and sentenced to life in prison, is the subject of a campaign by the reality star. Keep reading to learn more about C Murders Jail Release Date.

C Murders Release Date From Jail

After being convicted of the 2002 murder of 16-year-old Steven Thomas at a Louisiana nightclub, C-Murder, whose true name is Corey Miller, received a life sentence in 2009. When the case was brought to light again in BET’s new documentary series No Limit Chronicles, two key witnesses testified that both police and prosecutors coerced them into naming Miller as the shooter, which contradicted their 2018 testimonies. While Miller has always been able to keep his work, his attorneys have been unable to successfully reverse his conviction on multiple occasions.

Who Are C Murders?

Corey Miller, better known as C-Murder, was born on March 9, 1971, and is a rapper and composer from the United States. As a member of his brother’s label, No Limit Records, he became well-known in the early 1990s. Among Miller’s many solo albums for the label is the platinum-certified Life or Death from 1998. TRU Records, Koch Records, RBC Records, Asylum Records, and Venti Uno are just a few of C-six Murder’s record labels. An investigation into the murder of 16-year-old Steve Thomas led to C Murders’ arrest in 2002; in 2009, he was convicted to life in jail for the crime.

C Murders

C Murders Release Date

Kim Kardashian, a well-known reality TV personality, was pursuing a legal career. Previously, Kim has been working with criminal justice attorneys. She had her sights set on the publication of C Murders. He was suspected of both the murder of Steve Thompson and of instigating mayhem at a different nightclub. On the 19th of January, 2002, Corey was taken into custody. According to several eyewitnesses, C Murders fired the fatal shot. C Murders appears to have a history of causing trouble in clubs and taverns. C Murders was put under house arrest in 2009 and eventually condemned to ten years in prison. C Murders was sentenced to life in jail without parole following a retrial. So far, there is no word on when he will be released.

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Corey Miller And Kim Kardashian

The denial of the testimony of two people who were present the night of the shooting in 2018 provided more fuel for the fire. Investigators allegedly forced the first witness, Kenneth Jordan, to identify C-Murder as the murderer. Kenneth stated in his statement that he was certain that the person who fired the gun was not Corey Miller. Darnell Jordan, a security guard on duty the night of the shooting, claimed that police “tricked” him into identifying C-Murder as the assailant as the second witness. Until he agreed to testify against the rapper in his original 2003 trial, authorities had arrested and detained him as a drug witness. In a statement, he said, “I am positive that Corey Miller did not shoot Steve Thomas. In addition to Monica, who was dating Miller when he was arrested, Kardashian West stated she will work with the REFORM Alliance’s Jessica Jackson and Erin Haney. One of the goals of this organization is to “dramatically reduce the number of persons who are wrongfully held in prison.”

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