CSGO 2 Release Date
CSGO 2 Release Date

Has The Release Date For CSGO 2 Been Officially Confirmed?

CSGO continues to gain popularity despite being more than 10 years old and Counter-Strike itself being more than twenty years old. It had approximately 26 million unique players as of August 2023 and peaked at 1.8 million in May.

However, Valve has been working on Counter-Strike 2, which uses the new Source 2 engine and is now prepared for release, knowing that the game is quickly losing its appeal. Check out this article to learn everything there is to know about CSGO 2 release date.


What Is CSGO 2 Release Date?

The release of CSGO 2 is anticipated for September 23, 2023, or earlier. This information was obtained via a leak that indicated the competitive Premier Mode’s inaugural “season” was set to start on September 23.

You can see the expected release date for CSGO 2 in the tweet below.

Only the summer 2023 release date for Counter-Strike 2 has been publicly announced by Valve so far. ‘Summer’ technically lasts through September 30.

Many in the community believed that Valve would release CS2 on August 21 to coincide with the release of CSGO, which was 11 years old. Despite all the anticipation, Valve made no announcement on the scheduled day.

What Is CSGO 2 Release Date
What Is CSGO 2 Release Date

Even though a postponement of the release date is a possibility, CS2 must be available for play by September 23 if Valve wants the new seasons to begin on time. The game is now in beta, but all of the maps are now playable, and many more players are being invited, so a complete release is soon to come.

Was CSGO 2 Postponed?

No, the release of Counter-Strike 2 has not been postponed. However, a scam from Valve that claimed they had postponed the release to Spring 2024 got widespread on X/Twitter in August.

However, Exerpas, a user on Twitter, cooked this up as a prank to mock fans who were growing impatient with the CS2 release.

Have a look at the Twitter post made by Exerpas.

Therefore, CS2 has not been postponed; as previously stated, the release date is still set for the summer of 2023. There is simply no evidence that Valve would delay the release, but we can’t rule it out either.

What’s Inside CS2?

All maps are now accessible in the CS2 limited-test beta. Valve expanded the beta’s player base on August 31.

Dust 2 was the first beta component, followed by Mirage, Nuke, and finally Dust 2. The first ‘Upgrade’ level map in the test was Overpass, which is a promising sign that a release date is getting closer.

Although the test currently only has a few modes and features (case openings, for instance, are not feasible), Casual matches are now available, with Wingman having been added briefly before being taken away.

In the posts that follow, you’ll also find information on additional upcoming video game releases:

Of course, we can anticipate a much more comprehensive selection of maps, modes, and features upon the official release. Classics like Nuke, Inferno, and more are on the complete list of confirmed maps for Counter-Strike 2.

To CS2, all skins and other stuff will likewise smoothly cross over. Despite this, several skin fans have found in the test beta that there are a lot of glitches or inconsistencies between the way some skins appear in CSGO and CS2.

Though further cosmetic upgrades from Valve may be coming soon, don’t be too shocked if your AK-47 or knife skin initially seems a little strange.

Pro players should quickly switch to CS2, and perhaps some of the first formal events will take place later in the year. The following Counter-Strike Major will be contested on CS2, and it will be hosted by PGL in Copenhagen in March 2023.

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