Futsal Boys!!!!! Delayed to 2022: Plot, Cast, Trailer and Everything You Need to Know

Futsal Boys!!!!!!!!!! has been added to the list of delayed anime releases in 2021. Bandai Namco is releasing the anime as part of a multimedia effort that also includes a video game and a schedule of actual futsal matches involving the anime’s cast members. Even though the project was first announced in 2019, the pandemic necessitated a postponement.

A recent announcement indicated that the project has been delayed until 2022 after initially being slated for release in 2021. Bandai Namco and diomedéa have both confirmed that their respective projects, the game, and the anime, would be delayed. The release date of Futsal Boys!!!!! has been delayed to give the developers more time to polish the game. Additionally, the release date for the Futsal Boys!!!!! anime has been pushed out to 2022 as well. The animation that has been confirmed for a television series is being produced by Diomedia. My Anime List has already been updated to include the new anime.


Futsal Boys!!!!! Trailer

The second anime promotional video has been uploaded by Futsal Boys on their official YouTube account!!!!!. The characters appear in moments where young men dribble a ball in front of them. Many people are looking forward to Futsal Boys!!!!! because of the high expectations that the anime has set for its viewers.

Watch the official trailer that was released a short time ago.

What is Futsal Boys About?

Unlike a manga adaptation, Futsal Boys!!!!! is an original effort and does not follow a pre-existing plot. To the sporting world, this is a newcomer! Futsal is a five-player team mini-football game for those unfamiliar with the term.

Futsal Boys!!!!! tells the story of futsal’s rise to worldwide prominence. This inspires the protagonist Haru Yamato to take up the sport after observing a certain athlete on the field. In keeping with the spirit of sports anime, he decides to take up futsal, where he meets teammates who become friends and with whom he competes, creating fierce opponents and rivals.

The release date and the anime’s opening and ending theme songs have yet to be determined. The anime’s soundtrack is credited to R.O.N., although the show’s titles have yet to be confirmed.

Futsal Boys!!!!! Release

Although Futsal Boys!!!!! was initially slated to be released in the year 2021, it has now been delayed until 2022. Futsal Boys will make its Japanese debut on January 9th, 2022 with the release of the first episode. It is impossible to foresee how the anime will be structured or the number of episodes it will run with because there is no adaptation source material.

Futsal Boys!!!!!
Futsal Boys!!!!!

The decision to delay the release of both the game and the anime is based on ensuring quality and making adjustments before the release of both.

Futsal Boys!!!!! Project by Bandai Namco Entertainment

In the upcoming Futsal Boys!!!!! the initiative, Diomedia’s anime series is just one part of the overall picture. A video game that had been slated for release this year will now be available next year. Futsal Boys!!!!! High-Five League is the working title of the next smartphone video game, which will be available on Android and iOS devices.

The game’s official website hasn’t declared a release date yet either.

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Futsal Boys!!!!! Cast

The announced anime project has revealed a huge cast for the upcoming release that includes a number of big names:

  • Ryota Takara as Haru Yamato
  • Shuto Ishimori as Seiichiro Sakaki
  • Ryotaro Yamaguchi as Tsubaki Yukinaga
  • Kohei Oshiwara as Toi Tsukioka
  • Kazuki Furuta as Ryu Nagumo
  • Yasunao Sakai as Taiga Amakado
  • TAKA as Ren Kiryu
  • Hiromu Mineta as Louis Kashiragi
  • Junpei Baba as Kaito Kazanin
  • Naoya Miyase as Sei Kyogoku
  • Yuya Arai as Shin Yuki
  • Satoru Murakami as Takumi Kuga
  • Yoshitsugu Kawashima as Tokinari Tennoji
  • Sousuke Shimokawa as Ryutaro Sera
  • Tomoya Yamamoto as Tomoe Futaba
  • Kazuki Ura as Kyosuke Aiba
  • Keita Tada as Rio Hanamura
  • Takao Sakuma as Nozomi Komori
  • Mizuki Chiba as Natsuki Sogo
  • Minato Kamimura as Yukimaru Kurama
  • Shoichiro Omi as Togo Tachibana
  • Ayato Morinaga as Ayato Imazono
  • Takeru Kikuchi as Asa Minase
  • Takahide Ishii as Ryosuke Minase
  • Ryosuke Kozuka as Emilio Garcia
  • Takuya Tsuda as Soya Akiduki
  • Nobuaki Oka as Shun Shirakawa
  • Keito Okuyama as Ao Asahina
  • Tsubasa Kizu as Saku Hasumi

The show’s staff includes Shoji Kanemura for plot creation, R.O.N. for music, Mizuki Kawashita, Utaki Yukihira, Ruka Urumiya, and Lily Hoshino are working on original character design for the teams, and Tomomi Ishikawa is turning the artwork into character design. The animation is based on a narrative written by Mao Marita.

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