Mercenary Enrollment Chapter 77 Spoilers Revealed (Latest News)

Mercenary Enlistment Chapter 77 Spoilers may be what you’re looking for. Do you want to know in detail the spoilers, the release date, time, and other facts? Be sure to finish the article. Rаkhyun’s illustrations accompanied Ys’ story, Mercenary Enrоllment, a Korean manga. Ijin Yu lоst his раrents in аn аirсrаft сrаsh when he wаs eight yeаrs оld, leаving him strаnded in а fоreign nаtiоn аnd fоrсed tо beсоme а сhild merсenаry in оrder tо live. He returns tо Kоreа ten yeаrs lаter tо be reunited with his fаmily, where there is enоugh оf fооd аnd shelter, аnd everything аррeаrs tо be in оrder. But Ijin will sооn disсоver thаt surviving аs а teenаger is а very оther сhаllenge. With оnly оne yeаr left оf high sсhооl, Ijin must leаrn new strаtegies tо nаvigаte the сlаssrооm bаttlefield.

So, without further ado, let’s check up on his progress in the most recent episode of Mercenary Enrollment. Ijin appears to be familiar with a new character who has recently arrived in the series. To discover who is behind this latest murder, see Mercenary Enrollment Chapter 77. Lewis Bailey has had a grievance against the guy who saved his life for as long as they’ve known each other. As a result, Lewis hopes to marry Shin Yuna from Star Wars Rebels, which would boost his family’s popularity and promote him higher on the list of likely heirs to the SW throne.


Mercenary Enrollment Chapter 77 Spoilers

Lewis Bailey now recognized why he was so eager on marrying Shin Yuna, and he saw Yu Ijin as a hurdle. Due to a power struggle between Lewis and his older brother within the Bailey organization, Lewis needs to gain more influence to prevail. Upon realizing he was being pursued, Ijin sought out Lewis Bailey. If Ijin hadn’t arrived on time, Lewis would have most likely died. Due to Lewis’ growing appreciation of Ijin’s importance, a ceasefire is predicted soon. Now that we have informed you of the spoilers, let us tell you the release date as well.

mercenary enrollment
mercenary enrollment

Mercenary Enrollment Chapter 77 Release Date

As of March 20th, 2022, a new chapter of Mercenary Enrollment will be available. So just 5 days to go and the wait will meet its conclusion. In other words, the wait is almost over.

Mercenary Enrollment Chapter 77 Release Timing

As of writing this, we do not know the schedule of Mercenary Enrollment Chapter 77. However, we’ll get the latest information on the timeline soon. Mercenary Enrollment: Chapter 77: Where Can I Find It?

Mercenary Enrollment Chapter 77 Read Online

This Webtoon manga series will be available to viewers every week. With that, you now know somewhat details of Mercenary Enrollment Chapter 77 and now let us turn the pages of Mercenary Enrollment.

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Mercenary Enrollment Synopsis

When Ijin Yu was eight yeаrs оld, his раrents died in аn аerорlаne сrаsh, leаving him strаnded in а distаnt nаtiоn аnd fоrсed tо serve аs а сhild merсenаry tо survive. However, he and the rest of his family will have enough accommodations and housing when they return to Korea in ten years. With only one more year of high school left, he’ll have to pick up some new skills to help him get around the camp. He is а tаll аdоlesсent with grey hаir аnd lоng brоwn hаir. He looks tо be somewhat smаller thаn the members оf the Sрeсiаl Militаry Fоrсe, yet he is аt leаst аs strоng. In terms оf соmbаt аbilities, he рresently hаs the uррer hаnd оver the оther сhаrасters in the mаngа. His olive fаtigues and shemagh helped him blend in as a mercenary. As a bodyguard trainee, he is expected to dress in his school uniform, casual attire, and a formal suit.

Mercenary Enrollment Brings Demon Slayer Into The Classroom

Tanjiro and Nezuko Kamado’s brother-sister relationship in Demon Slayer is identical to Yu Ijin and Yu Dayun’s in Mercenary Enrollment, with the exception that Dayun is not a demon and the latter takes place in a classroom.

When Tanjiro Kamado returns home from selling charcoal to find that everyone in his family saves for his sister Nezuko has been slaughtered, his world is turned upside down in Demon Slayer. Despite surviving, she had evolved into a demon, yet, happily, Tanjiro learns she still retains some aspects of her humanity. Tanjiro, being the wonderful brother that he is, takes it upon himself to make his sister human again and starts on his long journey, holding Nezuko for most of the time in a wooden box to protect her from the sunshine. Although very powerful as a demon, Nezuko can only regenerate energy by sleeping for extended periods since she doesn’t ingest human flesh as is usual and in a more efficient manner for demons, forcing Tanjiro to guard her.

This emotional relationship between Tanjiro and Nezuko is repeated to some extent in Mercenary Enrollment when the Yu family’s long-lost brother and grandson Ijin arrives home after it was assumed that he had died together with his mother and father in a terrible plane crash 10 years ago. Ijin ended up being the single survivor of the crash and spent the last decade as a mercenary to survive, unbeknownst to the rest of his family. Returning home, Ijin discovers his sister Dayun has been the victim of widespread abuse at school, thanks to a few particularly vicious bullies. This fills Ijin with so much hatred that he attempts to ensure no one bullies her ever again … by force.

Demon Slayer-style difficulties emerge as the project progresses, and things swiftly spiral out of control. Even though a female classmate named Heejin may have done the majority of the harm to Dayun, when Ijin steps in to protect her, Heejin turns to her elder brother, the leader of a dreaded school gang, for assistance. When Ijin successfully clobbers her brother and his gang twice, Heejin gets her father involved who’s, of course, a powerful congressman. A figure in the criminal underground known only as “the director” contacts her parents right away, taking advantage of their extensive network. But, of course, Ijin knocks them all easily before actually venturing to meet Heejin’s father, the congressman. Heejin’s father is forced to send her and her brother overseas after Ijin overcomes the congressman’s professional security squad with embarrassing proof about his children. And this is only inside the first 10 chapters. Numerous unofficial English translations exist, numbering in the dozens.

The fact that Nezuko Kamado, the Demon Slayer, must sleep for extended periods necessitates her brother Tanjiro’s protection, which he gains through his training under Sakonji Urokodaki before joining the Demon Slayer Corps. This scenario where a brother protects his sister is beautifully portrayed in the highly entertaining manga Mercenary Enrollment as Ijin goes above and beyond to guarantee his sister Dayun is no longer bullied. In addition to his experience as a mercenary, which he gained before becoming a demon slayer like Tanjiro, he also has several extremely important skills. Regardless, both brothers care for their sister immensely and will go to any lengths to secure their happiness and survival, even at their own risk. Tanjiro, on the other hand, will have to travel a lot further to do this task, but Ijin can complete it almost entirely in the classroom.

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