October Faction Season 2: Premiere Date, Rumors, Cast and Spoilers!

October Faction’s second season may or may not be its last. It will return on January 20th, 2022, at a time that is close to the original date. In the meantime, here’s everything we know about the upcoming season, from rumors to spoilers to the number of episodes to the trailer.

James Thorpe is the executive producer of the October Faction series. January 23rd, 2020 was the date when Netflix first aired a TV show on their media service. In the first season, there are ten episodes. Tamara Taylor played Deloris Allen on the show.


When will October Faction Season 2nd come out?

The new season will consist of ten episodes, that will be aired online on Netflix. The pilot episode starts on January 20th, 2022. The detailed schedule is provided in the table below.

october faction season 2
october faction season 2
Episode Number Netflix Release Date Episode Name
2X01 January 20th, 2022 Episode 1
2X02 January 20th, 2022 Episode 2
2X03 January 20th, 2022 Episode 3
2X04 January 20th, 2022 Episode 4
2X05 January 20th, 2022 Episode 5
2X06 January 20th, 2022 Episode 6
2X07 January 20th, 2022 Episode 7
2X08 January 20th, 2022 Episode 8
2X09 January 20th, 2022 Episode 9
2X10 January 20th, 2022 Episode 10

What is October Faction about?

October Faction tells the story of Fred and Deloris Allen, globetrotting monster hunters who return to their hometown in upstate New York after the death of Fred’s father. Our heroes quickly discover that their new small-town setting isn’t exactly idyllic, as Fred and Deloris must keep their secret identities hidden.

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October Faction Season 2 trailer and announcement

As of the time of this writing, this video accurately depicts the events of October Faction’s upcoming second season. The official teaser for Netflix’s upcoming premiere will be released shortly.

October Faction Season 2nd Expected Cast

The most important characters are likely to return, as well as a few new ones. Both Tamara Taylor and J.C. MacKenzie, who played Deloris Allen and Fred Allen, are set to return. Aurora Burghart, who plays Viv Allen, will appear alongside Gabriel Darku (Geoff Allen), Wendy Crewson (Maggie Allen), Stephen McHattie (Samuel Allen), and Megan Follows (Edith Mooreland), and Maxim Roy (as Samuel Allen) (Alice Harlow).

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