Ohtani Surgery: Does The Angels Star Need Tommy John Operation?

Shohei Ohtani is at risk of requiring Tommy John surgery for the second time in his MLB career. On August 24, the two-way phenom for the Angels abandoned the opening game of a doubleheader against the Reds due to arm fatigue after just 26 pitches and a noticeable drop in delivery velocity.

Ohtani’s pitching career for 2023 was put on hold when the team initially claimed he had arm fatigue but later revealed he had been found to have a torn ulnar collateral ligament (UCL) in his right elbow.

He may not need Tommy John surgery even though he has a torn UCL. There are additional techniques that could aid in his recovery from a UCL tear, depending on its degree. But often, word of the operation follows a UCL tear revelation not long after.

Ohtani Surgery
Ohtani Surgery

Ohtani is currently in the midst of yet another incredible season as he solidifies his status as the greatest baseball player ever. What the superstar does next will be the question on everyone’s mind.

When he becomes a free agent at the conclusion of the season, a procedure like Tommy John might significantly affect a deal, even though his bat would still make him the biggest name available. Will Ohtani have a Tommy John surgery? This is what we know about this.

Does Shohei Ohtani Need Tommy John Surgery?

Although it is unknown at this time whether Ohtani will require Tommy John surgery, the injury clearly raises the possibility. On Wednesday, after the game, Angels general manager Perry Minasian informed the media that Ohtani had torn his UCL, though he was unsure of the extent of the rupture.

Barstool Sports posted an official tweet which can be seen below.

Minasian declared that as far as plans and details, they don’t have those yet. They have spoken to his representation. He clearly struck the second game. He experimented with it in 2018, but in light of that, they will take it day by day and monitor its development.

It seems that Ohtani will continue to play for the team and bat while the future course of action is decided. Unsurprisingly, Ohtani was selected by the Angels to start the weekend series in New York on Friday against the Angels as the designated hitter.

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The timing of the imaging on Ohtani is an intriguing detail that Minasian mentioned. The team did not perform any imaging on the arm when Ohtani was out due to exhaustion. The tear wasn’t discovered until this past week.

You can see the tweet with respect to the imaging on the arm of Ohtani.

Before deciding whether to do surgery on Ohtani, the Angels are presently seeking a second opinion. Ohtani may decide against having Tommy John surgery. While being treated with PRP injections for his numerous UCL sprains in 2017 and 2018, Ohtani ultimately required surgery.

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