Slow Loop – Episode 12 (END) + Making Fly Baits and Koharu’s Birthday

Hiyori and Koi are trying to think out what to get Koharu for her birthday, which is coming up soon. Of course, Koharu appears to be possessed by the desire to tie her own flies.

As was expected, Koi inquired as to what he should get for Koharu’s birthday. Of course, Koharu slipped the door open when Hiyori was having a conversation with her. She displayed photographs of young Hiyori and Koi working together to make a fly bait. Following her observation of how adorable Koi and Hiyori are at flying, she has decided to give it a shot herself. Hiyori had a peek at Koharu’s album, which, as she had predicted, included a small number of photographs. This, without a doubt, gives her an idea of what to get her.

The fact that Koi has come over to the house indicates that Koharu wishes to recreate the fly that Koi and Hiyori have been making since they were children. A flashback shows Koi attempting to build the best one for Hiyori, which is as expected. Despite the fact that she made numerous attempts, she does not appear to be satisfied.

Slow Loop
Slow Loop

That is until Koi becomes agitated since he was unable to perfect the process of creating it. That is until their mothers arrived and discovered them sobbing. Koi’s mother advises putting the fish in a ring box for safekeeping. Yes, because the presentation is so good that it appears that Koi is presenting her with the fly bait hook, this is the case. I have to accept that it appears as though Koi is proposing marriage to Hiyori. This gives me the impression that the Hiyori and Koi partnership is still strong, despite the fact that Koharu is now Koi’s new rival.

Returning to the current day, Koi demonstrates how to tie an Elk Hair Caddis for Hiyori and Koharu. Koharu appears to be taken aback by how well Koi built one before she gave it a shot. Eventually, she did it, despite the fact that Koi had produced several. In any case, she can’t wait to put them to use in a contest.

Koharu is given the opportunity to use them in a fishing competition in which the fisherman has one hour to catch the largest fish. When Koi’s father announces the winners, Hiyori’s gaze is immediately drawn to the big body pillow in the shape of a fish on the table.

In line with expectations, Hiyori manages to capture the largest fish and, as evidenced during Koharu’s birthday party, he clearly wins the prize. Koharu, on the other hand, was only able to catch a modest amount of fish. When she went to take a picture, she discovered that her phone was submerged in water. Unfortunately, it is not waterproof in the same way that most phones are. Of course, Aiko photographed Futaba with a continuous shutter to capture his expression. Yes, she is beginning to resemble Mya-nee in certain ways.

When it came time for Koharu’s birthday party, Koi, Futaba, and Aiko showed up there. Koharu is said to have created rainbow trouttakikomi Gohan. Yes, Koharu made use of the fish that Hiori had caught, and the lunch appears to have gone down well with the girls.

The presentation of gifts to Koharu by Aiko and Futaba, as well as by Koi, causes Hiyori to be reluctant to present her own. She felt that the gift that Hiyori wanted to offer her was a little underwhelming. Koharu took it with her new phone, all the while mentioning the memories she had lost. Koi, on the other hand, points out that the photographs taken by Koharu may have been uploaded to the cloud. The truth is, they are, and she is relieved that her memories haven’t been erased. In any case, it demonstrates the need of having backups.

In any case, Hiyori finds herself in an embarrassing situation once Koi brings it to her attention in private. Yes, Koharu ultimately notices as she becomes irritated with the situation. This is due to the fact that she never received a present from Hiyori. At this point, I enjoy how Koharu behaves like a tsundere, at least until Hiyori brings out the present. A blank album is what Hiyori wishes to offer her so that she can preserve her memories in a safe place. Of course, they comb over their images and select a few to include in the album.

Final Impressions

Slow Loop is a pleasant slice-of-life comedy, as is to be expected from the manga series Manga Time Kirara. Yes, Hiyori and Koharu’s position is similar to that of Citrus, with the exception that Hiyori’s new elder sister is friendlier and more lively.

Of course, Koi can be compared to Harumi in that she provides counsel while also being supportive of Hiyori and Koharu’s goals. I find it amusing that she is called after a fish, despite the fact that the Kanji used is a different one. Apart from that, it’s great that there are two additional couples, notably Futaba and Aiko, as well as Ichika and Kaede. Overall, I think this is a fluffier version of Houkago Teibou Nisshi with a little more yuri in it than the original.

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