Sono Bisque Doll wa Koi wo Suru Episode #12

Well, everyone, it’s the final episode, and Marin Kitagawa is genuinely sad that the show will be coming to an end soon.

Not joking, she’s truly disappointed that summer vacation will be over soon and that she hasn’t finished her schoolwork as of yet. Not only that, but she also has a lot of cosplay work on her hands…

…but Kitagawa is busy with modeling work. Gotta say that Marin looked so mature when she was featured in a fashion magazine.

Even Wakana Gojo couldn’t believe how different Marin Kitagawa appeared as an amateur model compared to his professional counterpart. Then it’s time for Kitagawa to finish off her school assignments.

But first, Marin decides to watch a horror film, which turns out to be as lame as hell, even though Kitagawa was afraid at the end since it turns out that she is incapable of dealing with fear.

Cue – Episode 12 + Haruna’s First Surprise Named Role

So, I’m going to have to state that Marin Kitagawa will either start working on her summer assignments right away or she’ll be attending remedial classes very soon.
The rest of her homework was left in the classroom, which meant Marin and Wakana had to go to the high school building to pick up the things they needed for their assignment.

Sono Bisque Doll
Sono Bisque Doll

Before that, though, Kitagawa would want to have a quick dip in the swimming pool, where she can get her feet wet.

That is until Marin falls into the pool and discovers that she is unable to swim due to her injuries. This is somewhat shocking coming from Kitagawa, especially considering that she wore a bikini in Episode 2.

That Gojo-Kun was there to save Kitagawa from drowning is a blessing in disguise. But, in all seriousness, I believe Marin should begin swimming lessons as soon as possible.

To round up summer vacation, Kitagawa went to the town’s annual festival, for which she donned her traditional Japanese dress (yukata).

Enjoy the fireworks in any case, since CloverWorks did an excellent job with this set design. Truly, what a fantastic way to round out the event as Gojo-Kun and Kitagawa sat and watched the fireworks display together!

There is one more scene in which Marin Kitagawa is unable to sleep due to the horror film she had watched the day before, and as a result, she has invited Wakana Gojo to stay at her flat for one night only.

Is it just for one night? Does he intend- No, that is not going to happen!

As you can see, Wakana Gojo immediately retired to her bed. What an unusual way to bring this program to a close! Oh, and by the way, Kitagawa told Gojo-Kun, “I love you!” even though he won’t be able to hear it because he’s already asleep, “I love you!”

The Sono Bisque Doll wa Koi Wo Suru project is now complete, and I’m quite impressed with how it turned out in the end. In other words, you have a guy who wants to become a Hina doll artisan who has been lured into the realm of cosplay by a popular female character. Oh, and Wakana Gojo grew better at making costumes for Marin Kitagawa, even though she enjoys dressing up as seductive characters (except for Liz-Kyun who is a gag character).

One more thing: while the film has its share of ecchi moments during its course, I have to add that it is really helpful when it comes to cosplaying, down to the point of photographing cosplayers themselves. To be sure, some viewers are furious when it comes to Kitagawa’s costume as Veronica, but in my opinion, it is completely acceptable.

In any case, Kisekoi is one of my favorite manga series since it not only contains interesting characters such as Wakana Gojo, the Inui sisters, and Marin Kitagawa, but it is also educational. While I would have liked to have seen another season of this show, I believe this is a satisfactory conclusion!

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