Where is Candy Montgomery Today and What Happened to Her?

Candy Montgomery k!lled Betty Gore on June 13, 1980. The mu*der happened on a Friday. Montgomery k!lled Gore by hitting her 41 times with an ax, and 40 of those blows came while Gore’s heart was still beating. The lady was charged with mu*der by police in Wylie, Texas, but she said she did it to protect herself.

“Where is Candy Montgomery today?” is the question everyone is asking. Here is everything you need to know about Montgomery and where she is at the moment.

Where is Candy Montgomery Today?

Dr. Fred Fason, a psychiatrist, was able to hypnotize Montgomery into recalling the events of June 13, 1980. According to Texas Monthly, Montgomery experienced trauma as a child as a result of being told to keep silent.

On trial, she claimed she retrieved a b!kini for Alisa Gore, who was spending the night at the Gores’. Gore and Montgomery had a brief exchange during which the former said the latter had an affair with her husband Allan “a long time ago.”

According to Montgomery, Gore left the room, came back with an ax, and warned her she would never see Allan again. Montgomery stated that Gore’s anger was ignited when she picked up Alisa’s swimsuit, so she pushed Alisa into the utility room and then apologized to Gore.

Montgomery stated that she and Gore fought until she was bl00died from head to toe and that Gore told her to “k!ll [her].”

Brian Laundrie Cause of De@th

She went on to explain that she had wrested the ax away from Gore and that Montgomery had struck her with the blade as she was swinging it back at Gore. Montgomery claimed that Gore kept her from escaping by pressing her body against the door because she was so terrified that she feared the blow had k!lled her.

Montgomery allegedly attacked Gore with an ax until she was “at the point of utter exhaustion” because Gore would not let her go or stop talking. Montgomery testified that she did not plan to k!ll Gore and that she refused to even look at the ax that was offered as evidence.

After a jury found Montgomery and her husband Pat not guilty of mu*der, the couple moved to Georgia, only to end their marriage four years later. After that, Montgomery reportedly changed her name, however, some sources say she went back to using her maiden name, Wheeler. As of right now, she’s a mental health counselor.

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