Kaguya-sama Love Is War – Ultra Romantic 1 – Glory in the Granular!

As soon as “continue” was pressed, the Shuchiin Academy, which had been destroyed, miraculously reappeared. The student council room transforms into a sylvan glade as our first step back into the fray. Because her earbuds are completely unplugged, Yuu can hear Miko’s soothing study music.

There are jackhammers, the sound of camels, and finally, voices of heartthrobs in the peaceful forest. As a result, Miko is exposing herself as a gullible listener and handing Yuu more ammunition with which to pounce on her.

Despite this, Yuu makes a concession when the other council members enter, not quite plugging in his headphones to listen to a particularly frilly and chipper idol theme. He doesn’t want Miko to thank him, but he wants her to realize that she made the same mistake he did.

As a result, Miko ignores his hidden warning, and switches her morally supportive dreamboats right back on in front of everyone, causing everyone to feel awkwardly uncomfortable. As a result, both Yuu and Miko are out of the season’s first match.



As a result of the President’s two messages in two hours to Kaguya, she’s unsure of what to say in response. When she thinks he isn’t aware that she has read his messages, she makes a fatal mistake. He can tell she read them right away because the read receipt is visible on his chat window.

Eventually, Miyuki discovers that Kaguya is unaware of read receipts, and when his third sent message is read immediately, he concludes that this is adequate evidence of her faving feelings for him. They’ve indeed been staring at their LINE screens for each other’s sake, but this is always about who confesses love first!


To let Kaguya know about the read receipt feature and what it means, Miyuki calls her to let her know she is close to victory. He would have won by now if not for Kaguya’s dirty tricks and aristocratic intrigue! To cover up Hayasaka’s tech blunder, she hires her to concoct a story out of thin air.

Using Hayasaka’s hurriedly summoned excuse, the tables are turned on the arrogant Miyuki. His messages are immediately labeled as read because they’re…via computer…by the household staff…for security screening. LINE messages sent by Chika, Yuu, and Miko went unanswered as a result of the lengthy conversation between them and Kaguya, making them the losers of this round.

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Chika is so disgusted by Yuu’s lack of strength that she calls for a Student Council Arm Wrestling Tournament when he gives up five feet from the council room. They’re on board because it involves them holding hands. Chika, who is way too invested in the competition, knocks Miko out of the running, while Kaguya shows off the results of her archery club’s use of a heavy 15-kg draw weight by annihilating Yuu.

In the beginning, Chika appears to be an insurmountable obstacle for Miyuki, but Kaguya, who is jealous and enraged by the two holding hands, informs the referee (Miko) that Chika is cheating and then explains in great detail how she is cheating.

So, it’s Kaguya vs. Miyuki in the championship match, and they appear to be on equal footing at least to casual observers. Our narrator tells us that both players intend to prolong the match for as long as possible by remaining blissfully unaware of each other’s presence.

When Kaguya notices that her hand and the president’s hands are both sweating, their delicate equilibrium is thrown off…

As a result, she panics and easily defeats him, just as she did last season when she joint locked him and then returned to her calm pose—with power.

Because of this, Kaguya “wins” her third and final match of the week, but her “prize” is that Chika will award her the title of “Muscle Queen/Princess,” leaving her perched awkwardly on top of an army of orange muscle men. That’s when Miyuki congratulates her on her impressive arm wrestling at the end of the match.

Chika, in her own words: In a society where people are oblivious to their weaknesses, it’s time for a reset! As a result, Love Is War is back, and it remains a no-cavity, low sugar, low-carb show that never goes to bed before at least 30 minutes of muscle training.

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