Spy x Family 1 (First Impressions) – Toupees are a No-Go!

One of the greatest spies ever. He never wanted a family. When he decided to become a master spy, he vowed to cut all emotional ties. Connections would only serve to impede his progress or put him in jeopardy. However, his most recent assignment calls for him to gather information on a man who only attends social events associated with his school. Using the pseudonym “Loid Forger,” he gets an apartment, adopts a 4-to-6-year-old girl named Anya, and begins to create the illusion that he is her father.

You might expect that someone who had sworn off having children would not make the best father in a traditional sense, but when faced with Anya’s wild antics, he turns to parent books from the library. It’s just like any other new parent out there: he’s on his own and needs to be on his best behavior at all times. As a result of his actions, he is now responsible for another person’s life.

Aside from his secret identity as a spy, nothing else about him is a mystery. Why? Because she’s ethereal and can read his thoughts and those of anyone she chooses. A mysterious human experimentation project gave rise to this, and she has been bouncing around between foster homes and orphanages since she ran away.

Spy x Family 1
Spy x Family 1

All of Loid’s feelings for Anya are heightened by the fact that she’s the kind of person you want to protect at all costs. As a result of interfering with Loid’s spy gear while he’s away, she ends up being kidnapped by the same people he worked with on his previous mission (I love their leader’s insistence politicians can pretend they’re not bald).

Even though Loid appears to have had his head smashed in by a pipe, when he is brought before the thugs’ boss, he isn’t the man with the sack on his head. It is decided that his mission is too risky to involve a young girl, so he disguises himself and rescues Anya. Despite this, Anya is still waiting for him when he returns from dealing with the boss.

His target’s kid goes to the same school as Loid’s target’s kid, so Loid helps Anya study for the entrance exam needed to get into the school. That he helped her memorize the answers is a good thing as well, because none of the other students in her class do! When Loid finds her number on the list of accepted students, he can’t contain his genuine joy and is suddenly struck by all the built-up exhaustion of the last few days.

He finally makes it home, where he promptly passes out on the sofa. Finally, after so many years of heartbreak and pain, and heartache, Anya has a place to call home and a parent to call her own. To pass the second admission test, Loid needs a wife, and he learns this when he wakes up and reads the mail that has arrived. Is it that difficult?

It’s an engrossing and heartwarming tale of a spy’s icy heart melting in the presence of the world’s cutest telepathic orphan. Upon completion of his mission, will he abandon her like the others, or will the fake family he’s building (and which he will soon complete with a fake wife) persuade him that he can have “traditional happiness”?

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